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" How To Get More Customers To Choose You Over The Competition "

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Yes! I'm ready to stand out on Google Maps, Save Money on my online marketing, and Relax as new customers know exactly what to expect BEFORE visiting for the first time!

I Understand That When I Act Now, I get a Professionally Photographed Google Street View Virtual Tour Created for my Business and Published Directly to my Google Maps Business Page, which:

  • Helps You Stand Out In Google Maps Searches
  • Gets You More Qualified First Time Customers
  • Makes It Easy To Show Prospective Customers What You Are All About 
  • Avoid Poor Quality Customer Photos Being The Only Representation Of Your Business On Google Maps 
  • Gives You the Confidence To Know Your Google Business Profile Is Looking Good Online 
  • Helps You Effortlessly Stand Out From Your Competition

I Also Understand that When I ACT NOW, I Also Get...

  • FREE: 10 free Business Marketing Photos to Use In Your Marketing As You Wish
  • FREE: We add your virtual tour to your website FOR YOU. No technical skills needed! 
  • FREE: 5-day email training program that goes over all the details of your virtual tour to ensure that you get the most marketing value out of it. It's so much more than just a tour on Google.

100% Guaranteed

If Fotofoto doesn't produce the highest quality Virtual Tour accepted by google maps... if they don't take me by the hand, step-by-step showing me how I can use this in my marketing... or if it fails to help me feel relaxed knowing new customers know exactly what to expect when they visit my business, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

I understand that the regular price for all this is $597...

But, when I act now as part of a special online promotion, I get everything for only $497!

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To Your Success,

Kyle Giesbrecht

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get "Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour" is another minute closer to your competitors learning about this offer before you and getting all the benefits first.

P.P.S. - But don't just take my word for it... take a look at how these other businesses have used Fotofoto and Google Street View in their Marketing. 

Think this won’t work for your business?

Think Again!  

Businesses in all types of markets have used Fotofoto Virtual Tours in their marketing. It can work for you

If You're In:


Retail Shops

Auto Dealerships

Hotels and Tourism


Business To Business

Real Estate

Professional Services


If you think there’s no way your business could use this, send me a personal email and I’ll give you a list of atleast 3 unique ways!

Just like you weren’t sure if you should try that one food, and then ended up loving it, you definitely need to try a Fotofoto virtual tour and as soon as you see what this does for you…you’ll wonder how you ever made it without Fotofoto!

No matter what industry you’re in, we’ve got ideas and tools to make the tour work for you!

Check out these stories from Fotofoto Clients from different industries and see how they leverage Google Street View Virtual Tours in their business:

NAIT - Google Campus View

NAIT University was wanting a way to showcase their campus to potential and new students. To do this, we created NAIT Campus View, an extensive Google Street View virtual tour enabling potential students to see what the campus has to offer, and new students to get the "lay of the land" before their first day of school. 

CIVEO - Workplace Accommodation Provider

The Civeo sales force needed a more effective way to show off their state-of-the-art lodges and villages to prospective clients at tradeshows and other offsite locations. Unfortunately, without seeing the workforce accommodations in person, it was hard to appreciate the size of the rooms, the available amenities or the layout of the buildings. We shot a Street View virtual tour of the outside and inside of their facilities that could then be viewed using a $15 branded Google Cardboard which turns smart phones into VR goggles. As a result of the 360 Virtual Tours, Civeo sales reps can now quickly provide an immersive virtual tour of their facilities from anywhere in the world to attract more leads and ultimately book workforce accommodation rentals.

Sawridge Inn - Hotel Virtual Tours 

When it comes to looking for a hotel online, Google is often the first place people look. Sawridge Inn hired us to create virtual tours of all of their locations to help them stand out among all of the competition online. They also use the tours internally to assist people planning events or courses, to showcase the many different event spaces and meeting rooms. 

Pampa's Brazillian Steakhouse - Unique Dining

Pampa's Brazillian Steakhouse was an entirely new dining concept in Western Canada. Pampa's was looking for a unique way to demonstrate their signature Brazillian style BBQ. They used a Street View virtual tour to show everything they have to offer as well as to show a behind the scenes look at their unique charcoal rotisserie. 

Homes Alive Pets - Google Dog View

Homes Alive Pets is a family owned and rapidly growing pet store in Western Canada. Homes Alive hired us to help promote the Grand Opening of their new location in South Edmonton. In addition to the main tour, we wanted to do something unique. We put fotofoto's Street View Trusted Dog to work, and supplemented the High Definition tour, with a special "Dog View" perspective where you can follow along with the dog as he explores the massive options of dog food and treats available! 

Edmonton Corn Maze - A worlds First! 

Getting lost in a corn maze is fun! Getting the chance to do it on Google Street View is funner! This tour proved to us that businesses on Street view have the potential to go viral! This tour was shared about for weeks on end all over the globe, and even made the local news! 

The result of this tour was serious awareness and free marketing for the Corn Maze, and the work earned fotofoto photographer Kyle Giesbrecht an award from Google for Most Creative Tour! 

Want to know more? Let Me Show You How It Works:

Everyone has a pretty decent camera in their pocket (Cell Phone), and there are more pictures being published online now more than ever! This is why it's so important for businesses to use high quality and unique images to stand out from all the noise. Google Street View 360° virtual tours are the perfect combination of Quality and Unique! 

While it may sound technical and confusing, the photo shoot is actually very easy and can be completed with minimal impact to your regular business operations. 

Our Google Street View Photographer arrives on site at a time that is most convenient for you. They will first walk through the business with you making notes of all the areas that are most important for you to showcase. They will also point out any areas that they feel will be hard to photograph, or may not display that well online (we want to put your best foot forward). 

The photographer will then get to work, progressing through your business capturing a 360° image every few metres to provide a true sense of being there for your virtual tour visitors. 

The entire photo shoot typically lasts from 45-75 minutes. 

You don't need to do anything at this step! After the shoot is completed, the editing begins! We start by taking the hundreds (or even thousands) of individual raw images that we captured, and edit, blend and stitch them into complete spherical 360° images. We then take them over to Google Maps where we will align them appropriately on the map, make all of the connections, and then publish to Google Street View and to your Google Business Page. 

The entire editing and publishing process takes 1-2 weeks. 

Oh, the anticipation!! Once we are finished publishing your tour to Google Maps, and everything is functioning as it should we will send you an email with links to your tour so you can view it for yourself. At this time we will also deliver all of the marketing tools (everything listed at the top of the page) you need to get your business noticed! 

All The Photography, All The Confusing Google Stuff, and All The Marketing Tools...

Done for YOU! 

Once we have finished publishing your Google Street View tour, you will have everything you need to... 

... Drive new customers from Google Maps

... Get free views of your business for years and years

... Keep customers on your website longer building trust with your brand

... Separate yourself from the competition! 

With all of the included marketing tools you will be able to: 

... create compelling Social Media Posts with high quality stand out content

... Brand all of your online assets using your own images, not cheesy stock photos

... confidently advertise services with ad content that encourages engagement 

All with minimal effort from you! 

Google Street View Virtual Tours Have Been Proven To Drive More Traffic To A Business.

You're ready to turn online visitors into customers, aren't you?

Virtual Tours help Double The Interest In A Business Listing. Those who view a listing with a virtual tour were twice as likely to book a reservation there

When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time. On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit.

18-34 year olds are 2.3 times more likely to make a restaurant booking based on a tour. That’s even more than average!

Just imagine the next time a potential customer goes to Google to search for a business like yours.

Instead of them clicking through to all of your competitors, they find you, explore your virtual tour and end their search knowing you are the best choice...

With a Fotofoto Virtual Tour, your new customers are just a few simple clicks away from a beautifully photographed virtual tour that actually converts Google Searchers into happy you can finally provide your unique first impression you have worked on for years!

No longer will you feel overwhelmed by the confusing world of Google. You can finally take control of your online first impression and start making sales TODAY!

Because At Fotofoto, We Believe

That's How It Should Be...

...and we're bridging the “word of mouth” gap between the real world and the digital experience.

Your business dreams can't keep getting crushed by these simple little Google things getting in the way...and that's why you need Fotofoto. 

I don't know about you, but I think Einstein said it best... "Repeating the same things and expecting different results is the definition of insanity." 

If what you've been doing isn't working, you need to make a change. 

If you're sick of the results you've been getting, you need to make a change. 

So, what are you waiting for?

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